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Where do you get your best work done?

Last weekend, I was cleaning out my bag when a pile of paper notes fell out next to the assorted receipts and mystery crumbs. They were covered in notes and doodles, some of which I couldn’t make heads or tails of, even though they were in my handwriting. One [...]

Best free web apps for small businesses

Ever feel like you’re spending far too much time on administrative tasks? Is your team bogged down by manual data entry, tons of emails, and trying to keep track of multiple client contacts? Have you had a project that’s gone slow as a wet week, thanks to miscommunication and [...]

Text Ads vs Display Ads – Which Should You Use?

If you’re brand new to AdWords, you may still be asking yourself: should I be using the standard text ads, the Display Network ads, or both? It’s a fair question; after all, you want to get the maximum return on your advertising spend, and you don’t want to spend [...]

Introduction to Advertising with AdWords

Ever done a Google search for a local store, tradie or service provider? Chances are you, or someone you know, has done a local search recently. Millions of Australians use Google every day – many multiple times per day – to search for everything from product specifications and PDSs [...]

The Internet’s 25th Birthday

This month saw the 25th anniversary of the internet. Or rather, more specifically, it’s now been 25 years since the internet was made a publicly available. The ‘World Wide Web’ was first used by members of the public – i.e. not technical computer experts – in August of 1991[i].

How the [...]

4 Tips for Simple and Effective SEO Keyword Research

4 Tips for Simple and Effective SEO Keyword Research

Whether you’re completely new to SEO (search engine optimisation), or have a strategy in place, there’s one core task you have to master: SEO keyword research.

The simplest and most logical way to structure your SEO campaign is by focusing on certain [...]

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    Think social media is just for Gen Y? Here’s why you’re wrong.

Think social media is just for Gen Y? Here’s why you’re wrong.

Here at the Advant offices, we find that our clients’ social media activity is far from standardised. Some advisers use social media extensively, having staff with formal management responsibilities, some use social media as simply another contact channel with existing clients, and some don’t use it at all. When we [...]

3 Lessons to Learn from Legendary Social Media Fails

There are plenty of examples of publicity disasters, poorly thought out hashtags, and general social media fails. From supermarkets to singers, no brand is immune. And sometimes, even social media ‘experts’ get it wrong. At Advant we’ve blogged a fair bit about what advisers can and should do with [...]

How to Review Your Marketing and Communications This EOFY

The end of financial year is done and dusted. Most of your clients have had their tax planning and review appointments, you’ve sent off reams of advice, and the election is the next thing around the corner. You’re looking forward to finally having a bit of downtime in your [...]

Adviser Innovation Summit 2016 – Our Wrap-Up

The Adviser Innovation Summit is the premier industry event for financial advice SMEs who understand the importance of embracing change and new technology. As the name suggests, it’s a forum for technological innovation; a place where thought leaders and tech experts discuss everything from must-have apps and web based [...]