Whether you’re brand new to sending marketing emails or have been doing it for years, there’s always opportunities to improve your statistics (unless you have 100% open, click-through and action rates – if so, give us a call!). As a benchmark, statistics from popular email platform MailChimp show that the average email open rate for the business and finance industry is just 16% – and the average click rate is just 1.7%!

If your marketing emails need a bit of a shake-up, check out our top 6 tips. Each of these can be implemented on their own or in combination with others to give your email results a boost.

  1. Use their name

Greet your readers by name – it helps create trust and set a friendly tone. Your email platform/software should have a function that allows you to automatically fill in their name, so you don’t have to type out hundreds of different emails.

  1. Personalise your message

The more personal and closely tailored an email message is, the more effective it’s going to be. That doesn’t mean you have to send a personally typed email to every individual, though.

Start by thinking of some of the basic differences between your readers; age brackets, locations, circumstances etc. Use this to divide your main email list in to sub-lists, each with their own unique subjects (and subject lines) and content. You’ll notice an immediate lift in open rates and click-through rates.

  1. Keep it short

The most effective marketing emails are those that can be effectively scanned and understood in under five seconds. The key is a subject line and heading that summarises and sells the message in one short sentence. You can also get more info across with bullet points, subheadings, videos and pictures.

  1. Introduce some visual interest

Speaking of images, they’re more than just a way to get information across. They also help make sure the reader is paying attention, staying engaged with the message as they scroll down the page, and understanding the theme or tone of the message.

Several specialist email marketing companies have conducted research on this point. All have come to the same conclusion: well-chosen, well-placed images mean more clicks and a better return on investment.

  1. Don’t over-do it

Even if your email list is comprised of subscribers who’ve expressed an active interest, don’t email them too often. Over-saturating your list will only make your readers more likely to gloss over your subject lines, or worse, filter them straight to the bin.
It’s also important to remember that Australia has strict anti-spam legislation. The Spam Act was introduced in 2003, and covers a variety of restrictions on electronic messages of a commercial nature. You can read more on the ACMA website.

  1. Time it right

Don’t just send your email as soon as it’s ready. Make sure it arrives in your readers’ inboxes at a time when they’re likely to be paying attention – and at a time when it isn’t going to be buried under tons of other messages.
Your email platform may have an analytics functionality that allows you to easily review when, where and how your messages have been opened in the past. If so, make use of this; look for times with the highest open rates and click-through rates. Alternatively, use the other information you have about your readers to determine a rough time slot, and take it from there. For example, do your readers work full time? Do they commute long distances by public transport – if so, might they be looking for something to read on the way home? Perhaps they work long hours, and tend to take a chunk of time once a week to look over their emails?


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