As we all grapple with the impact of the CIVID19 virus we know that for our clients, as advisers and accountants, this is indeed a challenging time. You will be fielding calls from your anxious clients as well as wondering what this all means for your practices as we head into uncharted territory.

It’s pretty normal to feel overwhelmed when faced with a lot of unknowns and we are all dealing with this crisis in our own ways. We just wanted to share an approach to dealing with the unknown that resonated with us and I’m referring to the graphic below.

The graphic was sent to us by one of our clients, who told us that it helped them both professionally and personally and that they also got good feedback from clients they shared it with. We think that it is worth sharing and hope that you find that it provides some much needed perspective if things are feeling a little overwhelming at present.

Here are a few very simple steps to take control, in an environment that is quite uncertain.

  1.  Take time to recognise what it is you feel – write them down, however small and just let them be. You don’t need to have all the answers immediately.
  2. Identify what you can control – Not everything on your list will be something you can control, but identify what you can meaningfully impact.
  3. Take small steps forward – pick one or two items that you feel like you can exercise a degree of control over. This may be as simple as diverting the office phones and setting up a process for regular team discussions.
  4. Then repeat. Your sense of accomplishment and control will grow as you check off items on your list.

Advant’s commitment

In our approach to the client communications we are creating for you we are trying to also make sure that our focus remains on what matters and what we can do for you.

This to us means creating meaningful, insightful content that will assist you to have touchpoints with your clients during this time, demonstrating that you are there for them. In providing mass communications you can keep your clients updated as a group (or groups if you are targeting different demographics) then focus on providing individual support and advice where required.

As this unprecedented and rapidly changing situation progresses we are committed to supporting you with timely, well researched and written content in YOUR voice, appropriate to your client’s situations on a monthly basis.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need assistance in any aspect of your client communications.