Appeal to your Demographic. You know the saying ‘know your audience’? Well we believe that YOU are the best person to determine what your clients will be interested in, and thus what will drive client engagement.  However, we have so many articles that deal with such a wide range of different subject matters, it can be challenging to choose the most appropriate ones to send to your clients, even when using our ‘categories’ filter.

Think about who your clients are and what material will be relevant to their lives and therefore resonate with. The next time you’re creating a publication give some thought to –

  1. The general age group of your clientele. Some content will be better suited to different client segments.

For example, if your clients are mostly in the retirement phase of their financial lives they may be interested in financial planning articles about the best ways to set themselves up for this life stage, and lifestyle articles more relevant to a mature demographic. If your clients are more focussed on accumulation, then topics about financial markets and investing will be more appropriate. You may also want to include in the mix some articles which are more general and appeal to a wide range of clients, for example insurance or tax savings (no one, no matter what stage of life they’re in wants to pay more tax then they have to!).

  1. Which medium to use to engage your clients. Just as you select content to appeal to different demographic segments, you can decide on the best way to initiate that client engagement.

While email is a good universal means of reaching out to your clients, you may need to consider different ways of engaging depending on your client base.  For example, younger clients are more open to connecting via social media so think about whether Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or a combination of these is most appropriate for your clients.

Your more mature clientele may still love the tactile qualities of ink on paper, and may not even have email addresses (shudder to think!). Also consider the fact that most of your demographic (younger or older) will probably be using smart phones and/or tablets to read your publications, in which case HTML is the best format to use as the page automatically resizes to fit the type of screen your clients are looking at. As opposed to PDF’s which need to be downloaded and can be rather clunky to read on the go.

This is confirmed by the last AFA White Paper which states that the most popular one-to-many communication method across ALL generations (Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomers) is the electronic newsletter, followed by social media posts, then the printed newsletter.

We believe that you know your clients best, and can determine their interests and the best ways of communicating with them. Advant Plus supports you to reach out to your clients in a variety of formats with a range of informative and engaging content. And rest assured that as various new mediums emerge, Advant Plus will evolve too, moving with you and your clients into the future.

So the next time you’re about to click ‘send’ stop for a moment and think about what information you’ve chosen to send and who it is that will be receiving your publication.