Thanks for your feedback!
Your input and suggestions are greatly appreciated and we’ll use your feedback to continue to improve the system and our service to you.

Things we learnt from the December survey:

You don’t have a lot of time to spend on client comms and LOVE the ease of use of Advant Plus
– Advent Plus is highly regarded for making it very easy for advisers to create professional looking, well written client newsletters. (Thanks for the positive feedback guys!)

PDFs are still being downloaded and sent as email attachments in favor of sending a link via email or a HTML formatted email via Mailchimp
– We were a little shocked by this. We’d recommend that those of you who are sending PDFs consider sending your client newsletters via the HTML link that is generated or via Mailchimp as the HTML is MUCH more suitable to be viewed on mobile devices than PDFs. Consider sending your clients the HTML link and attach the PDF as well.
– You may also want to consider using Mailchimp to send a fully formatted newsletter in the body of your email, which looks fantastic and allows you to track your open rates and see which articles your clients are most interested in.

You are struggling with social media
– Yes, we hear you. This is quite a different way of engaging with your clients than the more traditional channels. We can help. Watch this space for tips and tricks to help you with your social media presence.

You would like us to provide article summaries to assist you when sending to your clients
– Yes! Nice idea guys! We are looking into how the summaries we provide in the welcome email we send to you every month can be included in Advant Plus.

You love our content and as an addition to our fantastic article content, you would like fact sheets on different aspects of financial planning to send to your clients
– We are so happy that you love our articles. A lot of time and thought goes into developing the briefs for our articles and we work with the best writers in the business to ensure that all of our content is engaging, well researched and informative.
– Fact sheets! Yes! We can see how these would be helpful. Watch this space…

You’d like to be able to edit articles more easily and create PDFs
– Hmmm… this is a tricky one. You can edit the HTML articles in Advant Plus as HTML articles can be as long or as short as you like. The PDFs on the other hand are laid out by our designers so that the copy fits nicely on a page and any changes create problems with pagination and layout. We do try very hard to support those advisers who want to make changes to PDFs and just do them manually for you, charging our hourly rate of $165+ GST (prorated) to make changes. Most design/copy changes to PDFs take around half an hour.

You’d like Advant Plus to link to your financial planning management software
– We’d love to develop greater integration with other platforms and software – and it is something we are looking into. However, there are so many different platforms used by Financial Advisers it is a bit of a challenge to implement across the board.

Thanks again for your feedback. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any more great ideas for articles or to enhance Advant Plus. Email: