We live in the age of the small screen.

Just at this moment I’m sitting in front of two of them, and a third (my phone) is just inches away. The effect of all these screens is that we are constantly exposed to an abundance of visual information, fighting its way for our attention.

As I type I have a web page open on the other monitor— a report I was thinking about citing —but that’s not what’s distracting me. Rather, it’s the little advertorial pop-up with moving images, that is to say video, that keeps catching my eye. It’s just a simple graphic with some text moving around but it’s telling me a story. Quickly and effectively. And I can’t look away.

Now the power of video both as a marketing strategy and a means to compellingly present complex information is undisputed. That’s why we believe it should be an integral part of any adviser’s client communications strategy. The other undisputed thing about video is that they are often expensive and time-consuming to make (at least if you want to do them well).

Hence why we’re removing the hassle for you. This month we’re launching a series of monthly economic update videos to help extend your touch points with your clients. These will come in the form of animated shorts showing the latest economic trends.

Let’s be honest, reading facts and figures or numbers on a page can be kind of dull. But if you put it in motion it suddenly makes it so much more engaging.

This is not to say you should leave behind your client newsletters. Short-form articles (those that can be read under ten minutes) are still consumers’ preferred method of ingesting information. But video is a close second. And with social media algorithms prioritising it, plus the continued growth of YouTube, it needs to be considered in any tiered marketing approach.

Our first video is about to go live on the 4th of September, ready for you to send out. It’s the initial video of a monthly series of video updates that can be located under the social media section of Advant Plus. We’d love to hear what you think of them. And if you need any help with how to incorporate video into your communications strategy, just give us a call. We’re always here to help.