5 SEO trends (and myths) you need to be aware of

As an adviser with a digital presence, you’re probably aware of the importance of SEO – search engine optimisation. But you might not feel like you’ve mastered it yet. That’s understandable; it can get pretty technical. For example, Google’s official SEO ‘starter guide’ is 32 pages long. That’s just [...]

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    Consistency is key: mastering your touchpoints for maximum visibility

Consistency is key: mastering your touchpoints for maximum visibility

We all appreciate the importance of maintaining consistent touchpoints with clients and potential clients to help our businesses continue to grow.  It can also be frustrating to think that your exemplary service isn’t getting the attention it deserves.  Nearly 80% of advisers in the 2017 AdviceTech research report stated [...]

Tips for writing a great article

Our first blog on custom articles provided some practical advice on how to get your own article (or an edited version of one of ours) into your newsletter template using Advant Plus.  Now you know the technical aspects, here are a few ideas on how to shape your communications to really connect [...]

Free yourself up for more in 2018

Despite the most recent 2017 Census data revealing a slight decrease in the average working hours per week for Australians (from 35.1 to 34.6), more than a quarter of workers now work an ‘extreme working week’ in excess of 41 hours. And while technology has been a blessing in [...]

Tips for giving a memorable thank you

You are no doubt well aware that holiday periods like Christmas represent an excellent opportunity to connect with your clients. Sending well wishes, Christmas cards and newsletters with your practice’s year in review offers a great chance to be candid and thoughtful, and your clients will really appreciate the [...]

Writing your own custom article

For those of you who tend to deliver our pre-created newsletters to your clients, it may come as a surprise that Advant Plus offers the ability to write and upload your own articles, as well as edit the content penned by the Advant team. The advantage of this is [...]

Get your social media up to scratch in minutes a day

If you’ve got anything to do with anything in marketing your practice, you’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of social media. Depending on who you listen to, social media is anything from a part of everyday life that you have to get used to, to a silver [...]

Get more backlinks to your website and improve your SEO

If you’ve just started working on your SEO, perhaps using Google’s official starter guide, you may already be aware of the link factor. Links are one of the ways that the Google algorithm tells whether a site is something they want to display highly in search results. Think of [...]

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    Social media risk management for advisers – it’s easier than you think!

Social media risk management for advisers – it’s easier than you think!

Social media risk management. These four words are enough to strike fear into the hearts of dealer groups and advisers.

For a lot of you weighing up the pros and the potential cons and problems that can arise from getting it wrong, it’s easier to just put social media in [...]

Tech tips from Adviser Innovation Summit 2017

‘It’s no longer a matter of man versus machine, but rather man with machine versus man without machine.’

Netwealth CEO Matt Heine, speaking at the the Adviser Innovation’s Melbourne Summit, has just returned from a fact-finding mission to Silicon Valley, San Francisco.  His findings?  Although the possibilities afforded to advisers [...]

Tips for writing a catchy email subject line

Wondering why your email open rate is suffering? It could be because of the subject line you’ve chosen. Whether you’re sending your regular Advant newsletter, or a special promotion you really want your clients to pay attention to, the subject line is your first (and sometimes only) chance to catch [...]

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    How to show future clients you’re an expert – before you’ve even met

How to show future clients you’re an expert – before you’ve even met

Ever wish you could just say to a client, “trust me, I know what I’m talking about”? Or perhaps you wish there was a way to show your clients that you’re on top of the latest economic/policy developments and new products. There’s a way to do both of those [...]