Spring cleaning your marketing efforts in five simple steps

The middle of the year was a busy time for the financial services industry, with the Federal Budget, an election and EOFY all in quick succession. As the days shortened and weather cooled, you’ll be forgiven for going into hibernation and letting your marketing efforts slip. But now that Spring is here and our collective hibernation has ended, we’ve prepared a list of actionable steps to get you back on track for a big finish to the year.

1) Check in with your goals.
At the start of the year, many businesses set goals in regards to new client acquisition and client retention. This will usually involve a communications and marketing strategy with various campaigns and deadlines. But even the best laid plans can go awry as the year gets busier. With the inevitable lift of spirits that spring brings, check in with your goals and reassess what strategies are working and which need to be revised.

2) Give your look a revamp
We recently did a blog that went over this in great detail. But often your branding won’t need a total overall, just a little touch up to keep things clean and modern. Review your imagery and message on your website, social media, electronic and print communications. Make sure it’s uniform, and telling the story you want it to.

3) Get in touch with your clients
During Winter, we can sometimes go into hibernation and not touch base with our clients as much as we intend to. So, reach out and let your clients know what has been happening in your office be it through a phone call, on social media, or an email. It’s also a time to demonstrate your expertise by sending informed analysis of different financial topics through your e-newsletter. It’ll help you stay top of mind.

4) Revitalise your practice personality.

A big part of branding when you’re in a services industry is personality. People will utilise your services if they like you. Now is the perfect time to reflect on whether your online identity and internal behaviours reflect the personality you want to be known for. That means: reviewing the style of both your copy and imagery online; sharing personal stories from the office on socials; and getting out and about in your community. These methods can go a long way in increasing integrity and trust in your firm.

5) Review your value proposition
The world of financial services is changing. So too is the way advice is marketed and the demographics seeking support. Revisit the profile of your ideal client and think about what advice looks like to them and how they want to be communicated with generally. Taylor your services, price point, and communications strategy accordingly.

We all tend to hunker down in winter, but with Spring here, there couldn’t be a better time to review your business progress. If you need any further support with your client communications, give us a call.