Should you share other people’s content, or create your own?

The problem
At Advant, a big part of our reason for being is that advisers and practice managers don’t have the time to create original content to the writing, design and compliance standards they want. We get it: writing a blog, a social media post or a newsletter article takes valuable hours out of your work day. It can be incredibly tempting to meet your social media and client communications content needs by sharing or reusing other people’s work. In fact, some platforms are built around curating a private news feed for clients out of syndicated articles.

The big question is: what’s the most effective way to build up your practice and your personal brand?

The options
Content curation is the practice of gathering existing information, like news stories, social media posts or Reddit threads and sharing it, perhaps in a different form or on a different platform (e.g. turning social media posts into a blog).

Content creation is the practice of making your own content completely from scratch – or arranging for someone else (like us) to do it for you.

Content curation is easy, in many ways. All you need to do is find something that you think your clients would be interested in reading about. This may be as simple as keeping an eye on your own inbox and Facebook feed, or perhaps setting up a Google Alert . It allows you to save time, post more often than you otherwise would, and present a wide range of information to your audience. But that’s often where the benefits end.

Original content – or content that’s seen as your own – is better for generating leads. Generally, online newspaper articles aren’t designed to get your clients to take any particular action. They don’t include calls to action or solutions. Content from a variety of different news outlets is also likely to have a variety of different voices and styles. In other words, it’s not consistently on-brand and suitable for your audience.

Perhaps most importantly, putting out content that’s your own (or written for you) builds you up as an expert. It shows off your expertise and insight – not somebody else’s. Every time you share a news article with a journalist’s by-line, you might be putting something interesting in front of your readers, but you’re building up the journalist – not yourself.

The magic formula
There is a place for both options in your marketing strategy. But where should the balance lie? Some research says approximately 40%-50% of what you put out should be your own . This is easily achievable if, say, you’re putting out a monthly or quarterly newsletter with Advant, and using Advant for at least some of your social media posts. Others say the breakdown needs to go further, with your 50% original content broken down in to personal updates like practice news (new hires, awards etc.) and other content (newsletter articles, snapshots and so on).

Whichever ratio you go with, it’s worth remembering: content creation should be at the core of your strategy. And, not to toot our own horn or anything, but we make that super easy. If you’ve got any questions, or need some support with your planning, feel free to drop us an email.