It sounds simple – share your story. Take a minute to have a think about how effectively you are letting your clients know what you do and more importantly why you do it?

Restoring trust

The last year has been a trying one for the financial services industry given the findings of the Royal Commission. So now more than ever, you need to articulate what motivates you and demonstrate the value you provide to clients. We strongly believe that effective client communication can play a critical role in demonstrating the value of financial services and in turn strengthen your relationships with your clients and build your business by improving client retention and increasing referrals.

At Advant, we see our role not only as a content and platform provider, we also want to provide you with the benefit of the expertise of our team of marketing and communications experts. We want to enable you to efficiently communicate with your clients and position your firm as a trusted source of insight and analysis. This is particularly important at the moment given current events. Your clients are being inundated by media reports which are often highly emotive and dramatic. It’s important that you cut through the ‘noise’ to provide perspective and calm analysis.

This year we are running a series of webinars which will be centred around client communications and marketing. The webinar series will be a platform to enable us to share our expertise and help you to maximise the effectiveness of your client communications and use client communications as a vehicle to grow your businesses.

A value proposition that appeals to client desires

Our first webinar of the series starts at the core of your communication strategy.

In starting to craft your story, you need to think about your clients and what motivates them. Why do they seek your advice in the first place? For many people it is financial security, help their family into their dream home, to live an active retirement or to simply minimise their tax.

The story you create about your value proposition needs to speak to people’s core desires, which usually isn’t just money, but what money allows them to do.​ Many planners, brokers and accountants focus on the tools of their trade, types of strategies, investments or loan structuring, how you can achieve results.

But what is missing in focusing on the tools, is what these strategies and tools can create in terms of the future your clients see for themselves, the financial security and lifestyles your clients desire.

Your marketing collateral, website, newsletters and social will also need to appeal to these desires.

In our webinar we’ll provide you with advice best practice tips to frame your communications in a compelling way and make YOUR story come to life through your messaging, imagery and client experience.


Webinar date: Friday March 20th 12:00PM – 12:30PM AEDT

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Items we’ll cover in the webinar:

  • Understanding peoples’ desires and motivators​
  • A changing industry: responding to a breakdown in trust, technical advances and attracting Next Gen clients​
  • Articulating your value proposition in response to these challenges and the motivators of existing and potential clients​
  • How you articulate your value: words, images, experiences