In September we were thrilled to launch a trial run of short animated Economic Update videos. Since then, it’s been fantastic to see how many of you are using them to increase your client engagement. It’s also been so heartening to receive your compliments as well as your constructive feedback, which we are using to further elevate video output in the coming months.

With that in mind, next month’s offering will be even better. Here’s why.

  • We’re including sound. Initially we left the videos without music to make the narrative a visual one. But after hearing your feedback, we’ve decided to add underscore to make them even slicker.
  • We’re changing the speed. We will be slowing down the movement of the text and making the transitions more seamless.
  • We’re adding a call to action. We have decided to add a prompt for your clients to contact you for a chat if they have any questions so the videos function not only as informational pieces but also as a way to initiate a conversation with your clients about how they are being impacted by economic events.

When should I send them and how do they fit into my communications schedule?

The videos will become available on the first Tuesday of the month (following the cash rate announcement) for the length of the trial. They are highly topical meaning you will get the best outcome by sending them out immediately. In this way, you position yourself as both responsive and ‘on the buzzer’.

We are also aware that our monthly content refresh and these economic update videos are released in quick succession, making advisers wonder in what order they should send them out and if there is a need to send both. In this content-fueled world, we are encouraging you to not be afraid of regular client contact, especially if it is of an informational rather than a promotional nature. Effectively you are giving your clients valuable information free of charge, helping to keep you top-of-mind and build trust.

Because of this, we would recommend sending out the video the day of the cash rate announcement and then following up with either a three-article newsletter or a single article snapshot a week or two later.

So where can I find them?

For those of you who have yet to give video a go, you can find them in two sections of the Advant Plus Platform, corresponding with different means of dissemination.

  1. Social media. This format is ideal for sharing through your social media networks, the video will post and play within your social feeds.
  2. Snapshot. This format incorporates the video as part of a document accompanied by a text summary. The snapshot version is great for sending via email (ideally using Mailchimp) or as an html e-read link. You can of course post this document to your social accounts as well.

We’re really excited to continue developing our video output for the length of the trial. Let us know if you have any more thoughts or need any best practice support. We always love hearing from you.