Rumours of email’s death have been greatly exaggerated

In an era where bloggers and YouTubers are on the A-List, and nearly everyone and their mother has a Facebook account, it’s easy to assume that the humble email newsletter is a touch … passe.

After all, they’ve been around for a good twenty years – surely their day has come?

The answer, surprisingly, is no. In 2015, email newsletters are as relevant as ever, if not more so. Email marketing service Mailchimp (which, as you probably know, we love here at Advant HQ) is adding over 10,000 users a day whilst their newer, simpler newsletter offering, TinyLetter, is growing in leaps and bounds, with well over 100,000 users and counting.

The information (overload) age

So why is it that, despite the myriad of social media platforms and apps that are popping up every day, people are gravitating towards email?

With the advent of smartphones, tablets and phablets, we’re constantly plugged in – which means we’re creating and receiving information at a pace heretofore unheard of. In fact, 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years alone.

This constant deluge of information means people are often sifting through hundreds of stories and articles to find the ones that interest them. For overwhelmed consumers, regular, relevant and well-written newsletters in their inboxes are very appealing.

An email newsletter also lacks the urgency of, say, Twitter, where a link or story can pop up and disappear within minutes. With email, a reader can keep it in their inbox until they have time to read it – letting them access that information on their terms.

Email newsletters are an effective way of keeping in touch with your clients, and attracting the attention of prospective ones. However, we believe that your best option is to get your message out there via multiple channels – whether that be email, social media – or even popping some printed newsletters in the post for some of your clients.

The teenagers in your life might be telling you that email is over and it’s all about Snapchat these days, but don’t worry just yet. Email newsletters aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and are still one of the best, most effective ways to position yourself as an expert in your field.

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