For many advisers the Federal Budget is the most important time of year due to the potential impact on your clients’ financial affairs. Understanding its ramifications is imperative to best practice but communicating its effects can sometimes be difficult. At Advant we stay up all night after the Budget announcement to deliver (at light speed!) a comprehensive snapshot that covers, in accessible terms, the ins and outs of the Budget and makes you look like the expert that you are.

White-label content

We talk a lot about white-label content here at Advant and that’s probably because it’s what we do best. We know most advisers don’t have the resources or indeed the need to have a permanent in-house copywriter. However, in order to maintain professionalism, they need branded content to disseminate to their client base, especially at crucial moments such as the Federal Budget. Surveys consistently show that content that looks like it has been prepared by you builds confidence in your service, giving the effect that you are a robust organisation with its head in the game.

Building Trust

Now more than ever it is important to build trust in not just your operation, but the industry at large. The Federal Budget update presents a crucial touch-point for you to reassure clients of your expertise and that you are there to improve their financial well-being. Our team of financial journalists work around the clock to deliver an impartial breakdown of the Budget and the financial ramifications of proposed changes. This is no easy task. It means keeping a vigilant eye on news and current affairs in the lead up to its release and using years of experience in one night to assess and communicate what the Budget will mean to your client-base. The result of course is content that bolsters your clients perceptions of your expertise and gives clients the surety and trust they desire.


Acting with integrity is at the foundation of what advisers do. Fundamentally it is our job to help people reach their dreams and aspirations. That is why when we prepare the Federal Budget snapshot, just as we do with every article we produce, it is passed through a strict compliance process, and meets all industry standards. Integrity is at the heart of how we operate at Advant and we pass that on to you to give you and your clients peace of mind.

Time is of the essence

Investors don’t want to wait around to act on changes in government spending or tax measures that could affect their hip pocket. Rather, they want to understand the changes before they become yesterday’s news and act on them quickly. Having a document at the ready the morning of the Budget is the perfect invitation to get your client through the door sooner rather than later. If you were to prepare the same article in-house, it could take weeks. So, if you’ve been considering the move to white-label client newsletters, now is the time to act.

That said, it is important to remember that measures outlined in the Budget still need time to pass into legislation, which can sometimes take months. But as they say, the best opinion is an informed opinion and knowing what is planned ahead of time is ideal for investors with their eye on the prize.

Our most important article

The Federal Budget snapshot is the most important document that we produce every year. It constitutes months of planning to deliver you a document you can be proud to send to your clients. It is also consistently our most read article, outperforming our other content in terms of clicks, year in year out. For advisers, it presents a crucial opportunity to assert not only their expertise but their integrity in their field. So, if you are interested in signing up for Advant in time for the release of our biggest snapshot of the year, contact us now. And if you are already a client, remember we are here to answer your questions whenever they arise.