Creating your own article in Advant Plus is now easier than ever! We’ve updated the functionality when adding your own custom article in Advant Plus so that it’s faster and simpler than ever before.

Why should I add my own article when Advant provides content on a monthly basis?

The short answer is you don’t have to, there’s fantastic content already in the system. But if you’d like the flexibility of including your own voice and information specific to your practice in your client communication then you can!

We all know the benefits of personalising your client communication and including your own custom article or snapshot is a great way to engage with your clients. As you know your clients best, you are the person to determine what they’ll be most interested in, what topics they’ll want to read about and the kind of content they want to receive from you.

You can create your own article to be a part of your newsletter, or three articles for an entirely customised newsletter or even your own snapshot! It’s entirely up to you how you want to use Advant Plus and what type of articles to include in your communications with your clients.

Feel free to think outside the square and include content that you wouldn’t ordinarily see in an Advant Plus article, or any article for that matter! Some advisers have used the ‘custom article’ functionality to include client communications which have nothing to do with financial planning or accounting.

What you can include:

  • Promotional content such as – invitations to seminars, promote a conference or event or your practice is hosting
  • Introduce additional services or a new product you’re offering – the benefits it’ll have to your client’s portfolio and how and why it will benefit their overall financial position
  • Specific information about your practice – let your clients know of a new addition to your team or a change of location, you can also include a picture of your new office (Or your new employee, that is if they’re not camera shy!)
  • Information about the charities your practice supports or fundraisers your practice is currently involved in, such as – a fun run or show off your employee’s facial hair (or lack thereof) for Movember
  • Articles from other sources that you think will appeal to your clients – just make sure you have the right to use them and note your sources appropriately
  • Holiday plans/destinations that you’d like to share and discuss with your clients
  • Book or film reviews that you’d like to share with your clients

You can use one of the cover images from our library of images or use one of your own. You can also enhance your article by including images such as graphs and tables. And you don’t have to be an expert at html coding or anything technical like that. Any custom work you create will automatically be coded and formatted to match your other articles, complete with your logo, practice information and practice colours, so your client communication remains consistent and professional looking.

Articles that you’ve created will only appear in html format and not as a PDF. PDFs are little trickier and requires a bit of layout, so if you would like your custom article as a PDF please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

What if I only want to make a small change to an existing article?

No problem, you can do that too! You can edit, include additional content or remove content from existing articles, or even change the call to action at the end.

As always, you know your clients best so you’ll be the best judge of what to include and what not to include in your client newsletter. So let out your inner wordsmith, grab that fantastic article or news story and include your own material in your client communications.

For more information on how to add your own custom article please refer to our Help page by clicking here.