If you’re a current Advant Plus user, you’ll know that when you’re creating a newsletter, there are only a few choices you need to make.

You’ll need to choose a cover image (easy), choose a title (very easy), then choose three articles.

But how do you decide which are the right articles?

You can, of course, simply pick the articles that you like the best. However, if you’re looking to create a newsletter that will truly engage and impress your clients, here are a few tips we’ve picked up over the years:

Don’t stick to one topic

Given the sheer breadth of articles available in Advant Plus, it can be tempting to create your newsletters around one central topic – for example, superannuation or insurance. However, three articles in a row on one topic can be daunting at best, and dull at worst for your clients.

Your best bet is to include a mix of articles, from topical updates, to informative financial planning articles, to lighter lifestyle articles. A mixture of articles means you’re more likely to pique the interest of your clients.

Don’t go too heavy – or too light

The tone of articles we add to Advant Plus will generally vary, depending on the topic. An article on, say, oil prices will (of course) be a lot more serious than a lifestyle article on travel.

Selecting three information-rich articles can come across as too solemn. Conversely, creating a newsletter with only lighter lifestyle articles can come across as too frivolous.

Track your clicks

If you’re using Mailchimp to send out your client newsletters, you have the ability to track which articles your clients are clicking on, making it easy to get a sense of what kind of articles they’re interested in.

If you’re not sure how to find the click and open rates for your Mailchimp campaigns, click here.

Make sure your newsletter flows

Sit down with your newsletter before you send it out, and read it from start to finish. Read the welcome message, and the three articles you’ve selected. Make sure your newsletter works as one cohesive document that your clients will enjoy reading.


So what does the perfect article mix look like?

As always, what works for one practice may not work for another. That said, we’ve found that a number of our clients have had success with the following structure:

One topical/economic article + one financial planning article + one lifestyle article

This structure ensures you’re providing your clients with useful, interesting information, while positioning yourself as a subject matter expert.

We’re always interested in hearing what works best for your practice, and what kind of topics you’d like us to cover. Look out for our regular client surveys, let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or email support@advant.com.au

We’ll be adding the ability to sort articles by topic in mid-April, which will make selecting the perfect articles for your newsletter even easier. For more updates on new functionality, follow us at @AdvantGroup on Twitter.