Our Free Financial Adviser Marketing Plan Template

Ever feel like your marketing and advertising efforts are unfocused? That you’re spending a lot of money, but not getting a great return? Has someone – a colleague, friend or supplier – told you that you need to put more effort in to marketing? Or are you simply new to marketing your practice, and want to know where to begin?

A marketing plan is a great place to start. But if you’ve never put one together before, it’s tough to work out what to include and why. Many examples out there can look very intimidating; a marketing plan from a professional agency could involve a hundred odd pages of graphs, charts, market research, and jargon-filled text.

It’s not surprising that many advisers are intimidated by planning their marketing. Formal qualifications for financial planners generally do not cover marketing skills. For example, the closest you get in a Diploma of Financial Planning is unit FNSASIC301, which covers communication skills. ASIC’s RG 146 guidelines don’t even mention marketing or advertising, except to say that those involved in the ‘mere preparation of advertisements’ don’t have to undertake special training. Some institutions offering financial planning qualifications may also allow students to take extra units in marketing by special permission, but this is an unusual arrangement.

Then there’s the fact that advisers and accountants, especially smaller practices, don’t need the level of detail that other businesses need. For example, a planner may rely much more on word of mouth than active marketing to grow their business. Or, they might have very simple goals that don’t require a lot of background research and planning.

After a few requests from our clients and regular readers, we’ve put together a super-simple template that’s easy to fill out and implement. Our financial adviser marketing plan template is designed to help give marketing newbies a bit of clarity, focus and confidence. There are ten steps to creating your draft marketing plan – a document you’ll be able to refer back to time and time again.

Remember that your marketing plan can always be revised to suit your changing goals and circumstances – nothing is set in stone. Not all strategies and tactics will suit all financial services businesses.

Having a plan in place…

  • Keeps your marketing efforts focused and cost-efficient
  • Makes it easier to plan marketing activities
  • Helps bridge the gap between marketing activities and broader business growth goals
  • Makes it easier to brief outsourced marketing service providers
  • Makes identifying marketing opportunities easier
  • Helps you scale your budget to suit your goals
  • Helps you identify and address real or potential problems with marketing your business
  • Helps you be proactive, not reactive – planning marketing activities ahead of time, instead of just copying what the competition is doing
  • Helps make sure all staff and contractors are on the same page when it comes to goals, strategy and tasks
  • Gives you a reference point for assessing and reviewing whether your marketing efforts have been successful

Refer back to your plan when…

  • new staff with marketing responsibilities join your team
  • you’re reviewing your marketing budget
  • you’re deciding where and when to most effectively spend money to grow your business
  • you need to decide what mix of advertising and marketing platforms to use
  • you’re assessing whether your marketing efforts have been successful
  • you’re assessing whether you’re doing everything you can to grown your business
  • you decide to hire a freelance marketing professional, such as a graphic designer, writer or social media manager
  • you need to create a strong business plan to help secure a loan or capital for growth

Remember that your marketing plan can always be revised to suit your changing goals and circumstances – nothing is set in stone. Not all strategies and tactics will suit all financial services businesses.

If you’re still stuck after reading this blog, the template and the tips for filling out the template, please feel free to email us.

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