The saying ‘content is king’ is truer now than ever before, but exactly what kind of content reigns supreme? Increasingly, it seems, that the more interactive content is, the more power it holds. Today we look at simple ways to up the interactivity of your output as well as what portions of your client base this approach is going to suit best.

Ask and ye shall receive

When making posts on social media bolstering viewer engagement is crucial. This means comments and likes as without these, the post will not appear on people’s feeds. How then do you get people to engage? The answer is simple: ask a question. If you are talking at them, the conversation ends there. But if you ask a question, it invites them in. People love to make their opinions known, so ask them a question and watch them respond in droves.

The numbers don’t lie

But why stop at one question? If you really want to get your clients thinking about your services why not engage them in a survey? It’s easier than ever to conduct one in a simple fashion, with platforms such as Survey Monkey basically doing the task for you. Even Facebook and Instagram have poll functions, and though less formal, they can be crucial in understanding how your clients feel about a service. By doing this, your output becomes more exciting. This trick is especially helpful for advisers and accountants where often the nature of the content itself can be kind of dry. You want to use any means you can to make it interesting and compelling.

Perhaps the most important point is polling can also give you a good idea of changing market trends which you can incorporate into your strategic direction. There may be things you are doing that are total time wasters that your clients don’t really need. Or areas where you are falling short: expectations clients have of you that perhaps you aren’t meeting. One word of warning though, no one likes a long survey. Reduce the amount of questions and watch the response rate soar.

A picture tells a thousand words, a video tells a million

We all know the power of images in creating a narrative. Make them move and you’ve got a whole story. Increasingly, advisers are embracing videos as a means of diversifying their content and making it more interactive. Our advice here is to tread carefully. It can be costly to put together a video that looks professional, and not all firms will have advisers with the camera manner to be the next Kochie.

Where you can use them successfully, however, is in more fun scenarios. Say you’re having a staff barbecue, you could use a time lapse to make a nifty sped-up version of the event for your clients to watch. You might also do a short video of your team at a conference, or if you’re celebrating a staff birthday.

The value here is in creating human appeal. Making you more than just the numbers people. The other value of these short, fun videos is that there is less pressure for the product to be consummately professional. You know your client base better than anyone, and only try this form of engagement if you feel comfortable doing so.

If you are, however, looking for more professional video to simplify complex financial topics or briefly update your clients on market movements then we have your back. Advant will shortly be launching a trial run of video content which we will be updating monthly. They will come in the form of brief market and economic updates, providing the perfect addition to your client comms strategy.


If you are going to up your interactive content output you need to stay responsive. This can take up time so you need to be equipped with ways to expedite communications. One answer is to have support staff at your firm dedicate a half-hour in their day to responding, rather than jumping in and out of tasks all day. Another answer is to have pre-drafted responses to common questions. As the saying goes, if you stay ready you don’t have to get ready.

Final words

You know who your clients are, and you probably have a strategy for the sort of clients you want to be acquiring. For most advisers, a client relationship is one you foster over years, so you may have many older clients for which this sort of engagement won’t necessarily work (then again, my great aunts use Facebook more than most of my friends) – Regardless, you may need differing approaches to maintain existing relationships and to attract the next generation as they start to build their wealth in order to communicate with both segments on their terms. Irrespective of which demographic you’re aiming to reach, the value of interactive content remains the same: it opens a dialogue and positions you as a firm that listens and responds.

If you need any help or tips on all this, or want to find out how Advant can help with content production, give us a call. We’re always happy to chat.