If you’re brand new to AdWords, you may still be asking yourself: should I be using the standard text ads, the Display Network ads, or both? It’s a fair question; after all, you want to get the maximum return on your advertising spend, and you don’t want to spend a whole lot of time creating and managing ads.

The answer depends partially on where you want your business to be seen. Do you want your ads to come up alongside Google search results for your chosen keywords and phrases? Or do you want them to appear on websites relevant to your business, specially selected by Google (and veto-able by you)? But your choice will also come down to a few variables unique to your business, such as the nature of the resources you have to put towards your AdWords campaigns.

Here are the pros and cons we think you should consider.



What’s the conclusion?

If neither choice stands out to you yet, try testing the waters with just a few text ads and a few display ads (you’ll need to create separate campaigns for each). As your results roll in, you’ll be able to adjust and build more around the keywords and visuals you find most successful. This is also a good way to scale the investment that you put in to your AdWords campaigns.

You may also wish to test and compare the results you get from ‘search network only’ and ‘display network’ campaigns, to see which offers the best value for money in terms of cost per click and conversion. This is tough to do – in many ways it’s like comparing apples with oranges – but you might find a statistically significant difference that could inform your decision about which to go with.

In an upcoming blog, we’ll be giving you a quick rundown on how to create a good solid text ad, or simple professional display ad. In the meantime, if you’re thinking of outsourcing your AdWords management, you can find a trained and certified professional through Google Partners.