You are no doubt well aware that holiday periods like Christmas represent an excellent opportunity to connect with your clients. Sending well wishes, Christmas cards and newsletters with your practice’s year in review offers a great chance to be candid and thoughtful, and your clients will really appreciate the thought. It may get you to thinking, why can’t it be Christmas all year round?

Well the truth is, you don’t need to limit your best wishes to distinct windows of opportunity. In fact, your clients are likely to be even more receptive if you reach out in the off season – without the entire goods and services industry vying for their attention.

You might think a good thank you writes itself, but here are a few suggestions to help translate a simple thanks into loyal custom for years to come.

  1. Be Culturally Specific
    Christmas is a pretty reliable prompt for a round of thank-yous, but chances are it’s not applicable to everyone on your mailing list. Plus, your clients will be especially grateful if you honour days and events that are culturally significant to them.
  2. Thank clients for customer referrals
    64% of marketing executives contend that word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing. So, when one of your clients spreads the good word this is the perfect time to send a personalised email or pick up the phone and show your appreciation. Not only have they earned it, they may be inspired to do it again.
  3. Get Social
    If you have clients who run their own businesses, take the time to like or follow their pages across social media. Then, once you are connected, you can show your support by liking posts and congratulating them when they share their achievements. They will not only appreciate the gesture, but this also invites them to like your own business page in return.
  4. Make it an event
    If you want to really show your appreciation (and get instant feedback) why not make an afternoon of it. You don’t have to roll out the red carpet, but some nice coffee and some pastries or a bit of wine and cheese can go a long way. You could either host the event at the office or, if it’s not looking too spruce these days, you could make a large group booking at a cozy cafe or bar. This will not only build rapport with clients but, if you tell them to bring a friend or relative, it’s also an easy way to cultivate new client relationships.

In an age of online shopping, self-service checkouts and Uber eats you may think customer service has gone the way of the lift operator. It is certainly true that some industries are shying away from the customer experience for the sake of convenience or to pinch a penny, but that only means your clients are more likely to be pleasantly surprised by a little extra attention.

So, take the time to throw a few extra dates on your calendar and keep the holiday cheer going well past the Christmas season. It’s never a bad time to express a little gratitude.