Our first blog on custom articles provided some practical advice on how to get your own article (or an edited version of one of ours) into your newsletter template using Advant Plus.  Now you know the technical aspects, here are a few ideas on how to shape your communications to really connect with your clients – both current and potential:

Know your audience (potentially anyone!)

You may have noticed most of our articles are pretty light in terms of deep statistical analysis.  That’s because, while some of us like digging deep into thick tomes like the Fin Review or Wall Street Journal, your task (and, by extension, our task) with your communications is to develop new, while nurturing existing, relationships. 

This means making financial literacy available to everyone; a job you already do when meeting with your clients, now you just need to put it to paper.  Make your clients confident not just in your expertise, but in your ability to act as translator. 

You are ultimately their guide, so be as helpful as possible.

Inclusion is key

Some of the best client comms and social media presences I’ve seen make direct reference to clients themselves; celebrating the achievement of financial milestones, citing their experiences as a real-life case study to highlight expertise in certain areas (with their permission of course!), or otherwise documenting meaningful interactions within the community.   This shows that you value your relationship with your clients and they will respond positively to the direct engagement – especially if you plug their business (they will be far more likely to return the favour). 

So, the next time one of your client’s experiences, say, a career change, why not ask if you can document it in your newsletter or on social media? “After 10 years as a dentist, Jane is following her lifelong dream of owning a café.  With insurance, the separation of business and personal finances and succession to think about, running a small business can be difficult territory to navigate – but we’re to help.”

Write what you know

Chances are you’ve set out to write an article because you’ve noticed an area of financial planning, potentially something that is niche but also central to your client base, that has slipped under our editorial radar.  Moreover, you’ve probably picked up on this omission because it’s an area you might know a lot about.  This is your chance to be an authority on the topic. 

Whether it be financial advice specifically tailored for medical professionals, recent immigrants, or employees of a large local business, the more specific the area of focus for your article the better.  It could even concern specific products: annuities, mutual funds etc.  This is what lets potential clients with those goals and characteristics know that you are the best positioned to support their interests. 

Why go to any financial adviser when you can go to one who specialises in your unique set of circumstances?  Or better yet, one who can offer something different to other financial advisers?

You don’t just need to write articles

Every time you create or edit an article in Advant Plus it will become available as either a snapshot or an article in a newsletter template.  This means you’re not limited to writing just articles; you can write all manners of client communications, from seminar invitations to fact sheets to general office updates (‘We’re moving!’).  This is a great way to elevate ordinarily perfunctory comms with a nicely designed template, one that is stylistically consistent with the other Advant Plus-generated materials your clients are used to. 

There’s no limit to what you can write about

You may want the lion’s share of your newsletter to concern financial matters more explicitly linked to your practice, but it will ultimately make for a better, more balanced read if the more substantial sections are balanced with some easier reading. 

Lighter pieces also carry their author’s voice and personality more distinctly, so this is a great opportunity to connect with your audience on an individual level and not purely in your capacity as a professional.  I’ve seen some excellent submissions from advisers and other practitioners – everything from sportive do’s and don’ts, to recipes and movie reviews. 


Hopefully this gives you some ideas on where to go with your communications in Advant Plus.  Remember, the more personable the better.  After all, you are marketing yourself as much as your service.