Ok all of you Advant Plus users – ‘fes up’..are you just using the default newsletter we create for you once a month?

If that is the case, we understand why. It’s easy to just grab the HTML link we send to you, cut and paste it into an email and send your newsletter out to your clients. It’s all done for you – even down to including your colors, branding and contact details. You don’t even need to go into Advant Plus!

We know that you’d much rather spend time with your clients, or building your business, rather than on client comms so that’s why we came up with the idea of doing it all for you and sending out your pre-created newsletter in the first place.

However, you do need to be aware that there is a lot more functionality and customization options available to you if you venture into Advant Plus. Also it’s pretty easy (and fast) to make use of these extra features.

I’ll run through them below:

Select your own articles
There are over 70 articles available in the system on almost every aspect of financial planning you can think of, plus topical and lifestyle articles. Feel free to go in and switch articles or be really clever and do different publications for different segments of your client base.

Give your newsletter a unique title
Change the title to your publication to include your company name (eg. ABC Financial Planning News)

Change the welcome message
Customise your welcome message by adding some news about what’s been happening in your practice, talk about the services you provide or just generally promote your business.

Add a photo of yourself
What better way to stay front of mind with your clients than including your smiling face or the faces of your lovely team on your newsletter.

Post to social media
At the click of a button, post your newsletter to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – how easy is that!
You can also select from our library of stunning graphic posts to help maintain your social media presence.

Send via Mailchimp
Sending your newsletter via Mailchimp rather than the HTML link we provide allows you to send a stunning looking email in the body of your email AND as an added bonus you can view click through and open rates to see what articles your clients prefer reading.

Download PDFs
No – PDFS are not dead. (Yet!) A lot of advisers download the press ready PDF and print a few copies to have at reception or pop a few in the post for those clients they think will prefer a printed copy.
You can also upload articles or publications to your website.

Create your own articles
Advant Plus makes it very easy to format and send your own content digitally (without even learning HTML coding!)

So this month do venture into Advant Plus and start to use the various features available to you.

Still not sure? Don’t hesitate to give us a call and one of our friendly support team will be more than happy to show you how you can use Advant Plus to better connect with your clients, build referrals and grow your practice.