For those of you who tend to deliver our pre-created newsletters to your clients, it may come as a surprise that Advant Plus offers the ability to write and upload your own articles, as well as edit the content penned by the Advant team. The advantage of this is that, with the ability to upload your own article images (or choose from those supplied) and access to our font and layout styles, you can include your own article as part of the Newsletter template or send it as a single article using the Snapshot template. And while we will always supply a solid stream of fantastic articles for your newsletters and snapshots, we also encourage our clients to also use Advant Plus as a springboard for developing their own content and sharing their unique expertise with their clients. Here’s some tips to help tackle that first article.

The basics
To access the article customisation feature in Advant Plus first select ‘Menu’ from your dashboard then ‘Articles’.


Then choose whether you want to edit one of our articles, or start your own from scratch (from here the process will be much the same):


Here you will see you can provide the title, the body copy, and a quote (to appear on the right of your snapshots as a pop-out box). Remember: if you are copying your article from a Word doc it’s always wise to copy and paste it into Notepad first, THEN copy and paste from Notepad into Advant Plus. Doing this will strip the text of all the hidden formatting information introduced by software like Word.

The toolbar up the top allows you to make the regular adjustments to font characteristics, as well as the embedding of hyperlinks, images and access to HTML source code (just hover your mouse over the icon to determine its function).


Now you’ve got your words in order, click next to add your imagery.

Upload your own image, or choose from those provided, then Save. Now the next time you go to create a new newsletter you will see your article listed in the database alongside ours. Done!


As our PDFs are assembled to accommodate specific word counts and image sizes, you will not be able to generate a pdf from newsletters or snapshots which include you custom articles. The flipside of this is that there are no limits whatsoever on electronic communications – so go for broke!

It’s also important to keep in mind your compliance obligations when either editing or generating your own content.

If you don’t fancy yourself much of an Ernest Hemingway (which I should stress is not important!), we can help. We always love to hear feedback from advisers on what articles you would like to see uploaded to Advant Plus – after all, you know your clients best.