5 tips to save you time with your marketing

Time, precious time…

When there are barely enough hours in the day to do the essentials, how do you manage to do the things that, while not essential, will help you to grow your business?

Process, process, process

Setting up processes can help you to maintain communications and marketing initiatives and do [...]

Don’t have your eggs in one (marketing) basket!

Having all your eggs in one basket is only a good thing at an Easter egg hunt.

As financial professionals you have educated your clients on the risks of having your eggs in one basket when it comes to their finances and investments and that is also true when it [...]

Advant Group’s acquisition of ClientComm

We are very pleased to announce that Advant Group, has entered an exciting new phase with the recent acquisition of Clientcomm, a digital communications company providing services for the financial sector.

Together we will be in the position to provide an even better experience for our clients as we combine [...]

Set your social media up for success

If you could target a group of people who earn over $200K, subscribe to the AFR and investment sites and read articles about self-managed superannuation would take the opportunity? Social media provides you with a platform that enables you to target potential clients with this detail and to present [...]

Trends for communication in 2021

Who could’ve predicted 2020?! The past year will have lasting impacts on how we conduct business. One of the key lessons from last year, has been the importance of strong client relationships, highlighting the need for effective client communication.

Client communication is quite often something that falls down on the [...]

Reaching new clients with remarketing

How often would you have clients or potential clients visit your website or social pages and then leave without interacting with you and your business?

Producing high quality content to entice clients and prospects to visit your website or interact with your social media pages is key to increasing your [...]

Get your account ready for the Federal Budget?

With the Federal Budget around the corner, we’ve prepared a few steps to ensure your Advant Plus is up-to-date and you’re ready to send your analysis as soon as it’s published.

1. Log into Advant Plus and check that your logo, contact details and disclaimer in your account appear as you [...]

Integrating video into your practice

Video as a communication medium has the unique ability to create genuine connections, cutting through ‘noise’ while also educating, informing and promoting your business. If you’re not using video in your current marketing, it’s time to make a start. Cisco expected video traffic to make up 82% of all [...]

Millennials: How do you reach them?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘millennial’? This term, while simply a descriptor for those born between 1980 and 2000, has garnered some negative connotations. And for financial advisors, millennials can be elusive, with the Financial Times reporting that only 6% of 18 – 34 [...]

Lessons learned from lockdown

Who could have predicted how the financial year has ended in 2020?! With our day-to-day lives and businesses dramatically changing as a result of COVID-19, many are glad to see the end.

As we look forward to a new financial year, setting new goals and targets, it’s worth reflecting not [...]

There is ‘no one size fits all’ this EOFY

End of financial year is a little different for 2019-20 and if ever there was ever a time to look at your usual processes and question whether YOU should be doing things a little differently – this is it!

For most financial professionals, EOFY represents a good chance to touch [...]

A little focus can help to deal with the overwhelming…

As we all grapple with the impact of the CIVID19 virus we know that for our clients, as advisers and accountants, this is indeed a challenging time. You will be fielding calls from your anxious clients as well as wondering what this all means for your practices as we [...]