Leveraging the full capacity of your content

Time is a precious commodity for a small business owner. You’ll therefore be forgiven for not spending as much time as you like on marketing activities such as content generation. In saying that, in this content driven world, you can’t let the ball drop. We’ve put together a few [...]

Targeting your communications with rich client profiles

As an adviser, the more information you have about your clients, the better. You want to know their goals, their interests, what makes them tick, as well as details about their personal finances and their attitudes towards money.

How you store and utilize this information can make a big difference [...]

Coming out of hibernation

Spring cleaning your marketing efforts in five simple steps

The middle of the year was a busy time for the financial services industry, with the Federal Budget, an election and EOFY all in quick succession. As the days shortened and weather cooled, you’ll be forgiven for going into hibernation and [...]

Engagement Based Email Marketing

The backbone of what we do here at Advant is to provide financial services professionals with sophisticated, topical content to engage with their clients. We get a lot of questions about how often your clients want to hear from you, and the truth is, it not only varies from [...]

Practice personality: Understanding your brand

In this content driven world, no one, not even financial services professionals, can escape the need to have a firm brand identity. Today we take a detailed look at what that means, so that you and your firm can review your brand from the bottom up and make sure [...]

Mastering your metrics

Using analytics to improve your digital marketing endeavours
With June 30 fast approaching, the coming weeks present a great time to review your digital marketing efforts as you make goals for the new financial year. Some of you may be wanting to increase your company and individual brand recognition, [...]

Social Media Advertising 101 for Advisers and Accountants

We thought we’d take you back to basics in this month’s blog and look at how you can best use social media advertising as a financial services professional. There are a lot of people on social media, and given the vast amounts of information social networks have about their [...]

Advant Plus and Mailchimp

Many of you already use Mailchimp to send out your Advant documents because of how easy it is to use and how great it makes your emails look. For those who aren’t already using Mailchimp, we thought we’d use this month’s blog to go through the basics.
What is [...]

Making the most of Advant Plus

2018 was a huge year here at Advant. We not only extended our content offering but we also introduced a number of changes to streamline the user experience.

We often roll out updates incrementally, so today we thought it would be a good idea to review the progress we made [...]

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    Meaningful connections – Getting the most out of Facebook’s new algorithm

Meaningful connections – Getting the most out of Facebook’s new algorithm

In 2018, after copping much flack for being increasingly flooded with ads, Mark Zuckerberg announced a landmark change to the Facebook algorithm in support of “meaningful connections”.

Now as a Facebook user this is probably a relief. It means you’ll be exposed to more content that matters to you from [...]