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Keep your clients up-to-date and save time with ready-made newsletters and email communications.

Stay top of mind without the hassle

Sending regular client email communications can be time consuming. While it’s common that this task gets put on the back burner or in the ‘too-hard basket’, your clients expect to hear from you regularly and appreciate being kept informed.

We make it easy for you to send email newsletters and communications to your client-base, your way.

Your Brand

Your email newsletters are branded with your logo, colours, contact details and fine print.

Professionally Designed

Our newsletters are designed to look fantastic on desktop, mobile and tablets.

Flexible Sharing

Distribute your email newsletters through Mailchimp or send a link or PDF via your email system and share via social media .

Ready to Print

Print selected articles and newsletters to distribute to clients who prefer hard copy communications.

Ready-made communications

An easy and cost-effective way to stay in touch

with clients and meet your client service

agreement obligations.

Here's how it works

1. Get in touch

Complete the registration form and our team will contact you to discuss your content needs

2. Customise your email solution

Build an email communications solution to suit your client communication requirements.

3. Stay top of mind

We will provide you with the training and support to help you consistently communicate with your clients.

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Financial advice

Content Pack

2 x money management articles
10 x social media graphics (money and lifestyle)