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Annual year in review – Every year we offer a comprehensive summary of the year’s economic trends both at home and abroad as well as their practical ramifications for your clients.

Federal Budget Update – A thorough analysis of the yearly Federal Budget with breakdowns of changes to all major portfolios and analysis of how these changes will affect everyday Australians.

Lessons from the GFC – A decade on, what did we learn from the financial crisis and how can we avoid the mistakes of the past?

It’s time to talk about debt – Australia’s household debt is high by world standards. If debt is putting a strain on your finances, now’s the time to act while interest rates are low.

Financial planning
Where there’s a will – Australians are living longer and accumulating more wealth than ever before. All the more reason to give serious thought to what happens to your estate when you die. An up-to-date will is a good starting point, but superannuation, insurance and powers of attorney all deserve attention.

Credit where credit’s due – The introduction of comprehensive credit reporting earlier this year is set to make a big difference to the way lenders assess your application for a loan or a credit card. Faster credit approvals and lower interest rates for people with a positive credit history are two of the potential developments.

Good debt, bad debt – Debt has a bad reputation for good reason, but not all debt is bad. Borrowing to buy quality assets can help fast-track your wealth. In order to get the most out of debt, you need to know the difference between the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Big money lessons for small fry – In a world where cash is no longer king and spending happens instantly via a card or online, many young people have little concept of saving before spending. By teaching children good money habits we provide the skills they will need for financial independence.

Building wealth
Property not always safe as houses – Australians’ long-lasting love affair with property is a major factor in our increased wealth but there are growing concerns that heavy dependence on a single investment strategy may not be healthy.

Inflation and how to beat it – The safest place to park your cash is in the bank, right? Not necessarily. When inflation is higher than bank interest rates, as it is now, anyone with cash in the bank is going backwards. In order to protect the future purchasing power of you savings, you need to cast your investment net wider.

Gearing up for growth – Record low interest rates are making it harder for your money in the bank to keep pace with inflation. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to fast-track wealth by borrowing to invest in growth assets such as shares or property? We look at your options.

Beginner’s guide to bonds – They may not send pulses racing, but bonds are gaining a strong following among investors for their reliable income streams and better-than-bank interest rates. Bonds are also a handy way to diversify your portfolio against the swings and roundabouts of the sharemarket.

Life insurance through the ages – Each stage of life has its challenges, whether you are young and single, starting a family, empty nesters or retiring. While life insurance is important throughout life’s journey, the type of cover you need changes as you and your family do.

Future proof your family – Life is unpredictable, which is why it is important to protect your family with adequate life insurance. By having the right policy, tailored to your family’s needs, you can be confident that whatever happens, you’ve got it covered.

Super choice on insurance – Australians merrily take out car insurance without a second thought but are more reluctant when it comes to protecting their family and lifestyle. Insurance cover is more affordable than most people think, especially as it can be taken out through superannuation.

Preparing for an unknown future – Many people go through life believing serious illness or injury cannot happen to them.But in reality, the chances of a trauma event are quite high and it pays to be prepared.

Retirement planning/Superannuation
Annuities set to shine – Annuities have been enjoying an upsurge in popularity since the global financial crisis, but they are about to become even more attractive. We take a look at how annuities work and their role in providing a secure income stream in retirement.

Small sacrifice for a rosy retirement – As pressure mounts to increase the retirement age and cut back on pension entitlements, it is more important than ever to plan ahead for a comfortable retirement. Sacrificing part of your salary today could reap big rewards in the future and save tax along the way.

Plan ahead for super pension changes – Changes to the way income from superannuation pensions is means tested could result in fewer self-funded retirees qualifying for a part-age pension or the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. The good news is that anyone with a super pension in place before the rules change on January 1 will keep their current entitlements so there is time to put some planning strategies in place.

Super up, tax down for over 55’s – Boosting superannuation savings while cutting tax might sound too good to be true, but for the over 55s the Transition to Retirement pension is a legitimate strategy than can deliver extra benefits.

Avoiding the busy-ness trap – Australians are among the most ‘wired’ citizens on earth. But the technology that promises to us save time and effort often increases the amount of time we spend ‘on call’, leaving us feeling more stressed than ever. Luckily, there are some simple ways to relieve stress.

Technology to keep you financially fit – Health-conscious Australians are enthusiastic users of downloadable apps to monitor their fitness levels. But if it’s your finances in need of a workout, the good news is that there are some great apps available to monitor your financial health.

Top 5 dollar destinations – The Aussie dollar has fallen from its record highs and further falls are expected. But that’s no reason to put your travel plans on hold. The world still offers enticing overseas holiday destinations where your dollars will stretch further.

When outsourcing chores makes cents – Fed up with coming home from work to face household chores? While many people are still reluctant to employ a stranger to do their dirty work, the positive effects on health and happiness may be worth their weight in gold.

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