Advant Group’s acquisition of ClientComm

Advant Group's acquisition of Clientcomm

We are very pleased to announce that , has entered an exciting new phase with the recent acquisition of Clientcomm, a digital communications company providing services for the financial sector.

Together we will be in the position to provide an even better experience for our clients as we combine our expertise, platforms, content and services.

Advant Group and Clientcomm are very well-established companies that share a common background. Both have been at the forefront of client communications for around two decades and had a common starting point as digital newsletter providers, before evolving into providers of sophisticated multichannel client communications and marketing platforms.

The current range of services provided by Clientcomm are extremely complimentary to those provided by Advant Group and the acquisition will enable us to really enhance and extend our range of services and solutions, during a time when client communications has never been more important.

Extending your digital reach

We know that last year was challenging in so many ways for financial services businesses. One of the things that became apparent during 2020, was the importance of the role financial professionals play in keeping their clients up to date – engaging, informing and inspiring them.

We believe strongly that a powerful and effective digital presence is one of the most important drivers of business growth and our role is to support financial businesses to develop and extend their digital reach – easily and cost effectively.

Supporting a strong web presence


One of our first initiatives in the coming weeks, it the launch of a range of stunning, modern and affordable websites that provide a fully integrated client communications solution.

We know a lot of businesses put up with a dated or poor website rather than incur the time (and often considerable expense!) of a new website. Taking a templated approach, you can have a new website in a matter of weeks that makes your firm look polished and professional and providing a great first impression.


Looking forward

Our website launch is just one of many initiatives we’ll be announcing in the months to come.

We will be continuing to develop our platforms and range of services to meet the ongoing needs of our clients – be they financial advisers, their dealer groups, accountants or mortgage brokers. Our focus is on providing an exceptional experience now, and into the future.

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have as to what would elevate your experience as our development has continually been informed by feedback from our clients. Please get in touch with us if you have any thoughts you’d like to share.

We look forward to what 2021 will bring – watch this space!

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