Automating processes to save you time and money

Client communication is an integral part of a business, therefore, it’s vital that you get this right to ensure your business has the ongoing success it deserves. And with technology changing at a rapid pace, it’s important you and your business keep up with it!

Changes in technology

It’s easy to come up with some examples where technology has advanced so much in the past few decades, take photos for instance – when was the last time you took a photo using film and printed it to put into an album? Or even music and watching TV – most of us are using streaming services these days.

The way you communicate with your clients should also adapt as technology advances and improves over time.

Client communication channels

Years ago, the most common way to communicate with clients was via mail, phone or in person. Whilst these channels are still relevant, the way we do it has changed significantly.

Email has taken over from the more traditional snail mail and more recently Zoom seems to have become more popular than meeting in person – especially during COVID – or a phone call.

Website blogs and social media platforms are also an effective and important part of the client communication channel mix and most certainly should be included as part of your marketing strategy.

Why client communication is important

Whilst the way we communicate and the channels we use have changed, the principles of client communication haven’t changed that much. You must ensure your content is informative, consistent, concise, and accurate.

Automating the communication process

Implementing an automated communications process will not only save you and your business time, but you’ll probably reduce your costs as well. How much time do you have to sit down and write an article or create and design content for your social media pages? By outsourcing and automating these tasks you won’t have to spend much time on it at all – if any – depending on how hands on you’d like to be.

Advantages of automation

There are many advantages when it comes to automating processes within a business, and some of them are:

  • Increase client engagement
  • Improved team satisfaction – reducing tedious manual processes
  • Streamline workflows – time saving capabilities
  • Free up time for you and your team to focus on other areas within the business
  • Cost effective and efficient
  • Reduce paper and help the environment
  • Data collection

What we do

Our professional copywriters focus on creating informative and educational content that covers a whole range of topics for financial advisers, mortgage brokers and accountants that is compliance approved, so we take out all the hassle for you.

We can automate this process for you, so you have more time to spend building stronger relationships with your clients. Or, if you prefer, you can have a more hands-on approach.

Contact us on (03) 9416 0655 to find out how we can help you to automate your client communications.

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