Does your website need a ‘spring clean’? 

Most of us spring clean our home but do you ever spring clean your website? For business owners, there’s never been a better time to take a fresh look at your website to see whether it is showcasing you and your business in the most effective way. 

Having a website is vital to every business – whether they’re large or small – and ensuring that your website is promoting your business and brand in the best possible way is key when it comes to attracting new clients and retaining existing clients. If not, you could be missing out on dozens of opportunities. 

Your website says a lot about you and your business 

When your website is neglected, it can portray a negative message and you could be missing out on business. By spending a small amount of time reviewing your website each year, you can ensure that it is still doing the job it is designed to. 

Websites are built for multi-functional purposes, they’re not just sales tools. They should also do the following: 

  • showcase your brand 
  • promote your products 
  • look professional – both you and your business 
  • increase new client opportunities 
  • be customer focused 
  • be compelling and informative, and 
  • have a simple design 

It’s important to know that underinvesting in your website will affect your brand and ultimately your business 

What does your website do?

Think about your current website, is it meeting any of the objectives mentioned above? If it doesn’t meet at least 5-6 of these…..then it’s probably time to consider giving your website a ‘spring clean’. 

Remember, your website should not only demonstrate the purpose of your business and what it does, but how it can help potential and existing clients or customers, it should be easy to navigate and free of clutter – too much information can be confusing – and it’s wise to ensure that your website is responsive across multiple devices. These days we spend a lot more time researching on our mobile phones and tablets rather than our laptops.    

Why ‘spring clean’ your website? 

Whilst a website refresh may not be at the top of your ‘to do list’ and let’s face it – is often neglected by many business owners – it is a very valuable tool and something that should be refreshed at least once a year. 

This will allow you to stay on top of any changes that may have occurred throughout the year, whether they are product enhancements or a new product promotion, compliance changes, promotional offers etc. 

How we can help? 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to update your website in the last couple of years, we can help. We offer a suite of well-designed templates that we customise with your logo and brand colours. They are designed with a range of features that are suitable for different tastes and budgets. We can add content directly to your website and are responsive across multiple devices. 

If your website needs a spring clean contact us today. To find out more about Advant’s website designs contact us on 03 9416 0655.  

You really can’t afford not to have a website that brings out the best of you and your brand.  

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