Integrating video into your practice

Video as a communication medium has the unique ability to create genuine connections, cutting through ‘noise’ while also educating, informing and promoting your business.

If you’re not using video in your current marketing, it’s time to make a start. Cisco expected video traffic to make up 82% of all website traffic for both businesses and consumers in 2020.i The impact of COVID-19 will have accelerated this, as we shifted to working from home, remote learning, online courses and videos to communicate through the crisis.

Expand your reach

The financial services industry is a specialised area that supports, guides and educates clients on their financial situation. Your relationships with clients are equally unique as you assist them to achieve their goals, supporting them through hardship and providing advice around their finances. A topic which is quite often seen as taboo. You are truly the trusted adviser, with your clients not only trusting you but your brand.

Video enables you to continue to build your client relationships allowing you to get personal, mimicking your face-to-face meetings but extending your reach to tens, hundreds or thousands of people.

Consumers like video

Consumers like video, it’s easy to digest, entertaining and quite engaging. They are also widely accessible, basically anyone with internet access, making video not only an engaging format but a broad reaching one.

If you’re not using video to market yourself and your business, it’s time to get started!

How can you incorporate video into your business

Videos can be incorporated into various aspects of your marketing and client journey, some of these include;

  • Onboarding clients: An introductory video can provide a personal touch reaching out to a new client before a meeting. This could include a quick overview of what you’ll cover in the meeting, encourage clients to start thinking and preparing for the material for the meeting and also give an insight into who you are before you meet.
  • Explainer videos: Reinforce your value, explain financial concepts, even creating a video to walk clients through the technology your business uses will improve take up of the technology, increasing engagement. Video can allow you to discuss or explain with greater ease than an article or graphic. The nature of a video allows you to incorporate visuals, copy and also audio.
  • Interviews: This can include client interviews, staff interviews or industry experts. Do you  have an SMSF specialist inhouse? Why not leverage their expertise and provide an update to clients through an interview. This format is engaging and also less intimidating for those a little nervous behind the camera.
  • Providing commentary and insights: This is another opportunity to showcase your expertise and add value for both clients and prospective clients. A monthly recap on market performance, a checklist for the end of financial year or even an explanation of changing legislation. Why not maximise existing content you produce and repurpose the blog post or article into a quick video outlining the pertinent points.

How do I get started?

Video fills a many with fear, but they don’t have to be overly complex productions. Today it’s even simpler with phones and computers containing high quality cameras.

Consider the lighting and location of your recording as this will impact the acoustics and overall finish of the video.

There is a plethora of video editing software, both free and reasonably priced products for you to be able to create a professional video.  For Mac computers iMovie is worth looking into while Windows will have Windows Movie Maker as default programs. Other online products include Blender, LightworksShortcut and InVideo.

You can start the ball rolling with animated videos provided by Advant. The monthly economic update provides a nice summary of the previous months markets and economic indicators. The animated explainer video library gives you access to a variety of animated videos that assist in explaining financial concepts and the value of advice from their adviser.

So get started, don’t feel like it needs to be an Oscar winning production, stay true to yourself and work to your strengths.

If you’d like to discuss the power of video or any of the videos we supply, please contact us on or 03 9416 0655.

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